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When Is a Business Like a Mule?

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jun 22, 2017 3:00:52 PM

When Is a Business Like a Mule?

Answer:  When it doesn’t produce

A mule is a hybrid that occurs when a horse and a donkey mate.  As often happens with hybrids, a mule can’t produce offspring.  This lack of production is a problem with many different types of hybrids – plants, animals and, even business offices, when they maintain their data in a hybrid environment…some paper files, some electronic files.   donkey-215885_640.jpg

In a hybrid office, electronic files may live on a main server, but are often downloaded to an individual computer for revision; printed out for signature; and may exist in many different versions.  Incoming paper may be scanned and included in an appropriate electronic file, or it may be filed in paper version, or, worse yet, may be lost someplace between the mailroom and the desk it should have gotten to.

Hybrid offices are like a mule without a carrot to guide it forward.  It may get there eventually, but the route is usually circuitous and it may get lost.

Getting the Mule to Move

If you want a different result, then you need to do something different.  Here’s an example:

We recently worked with a local college that wanted to increase its revenue through higher enrollment, but couldn’t see a way to do it without a costly expansion of the admissions department.  Department expansion would negate the additional revenue that higher enrollment would add.  In other words…the Mule was stuck!

We offered the Mule a carrot…

By replacing a paper-driven college admissions process with ImageSilo, a Cloud-based electronic content management solution,  the College was able to exceed their goals for new student enrollment.

The Mule is moving!

Is There a Mule in Your Office?  

Mules hang out in many different departments and can take many different shapes:  Human Resources Records, Accounts Payable Invoices, Membership Forms, Mailroom Routing and more.  Mules are in Government agencies, schools, medical organizations, and membership associations.

Mules are expensive!  Take forms processing, for instance it can cost an organization up to $165 to use, process and enter a SINGLE PAPER FORM.  

In the Accounts Payable department, the productivity of an A/P staffer doubles when an organization moves to Cloud automation.  Fully paperless A/P departments save $5.46 per invoice, on average and reduce invoice processing costs by 50%.  

There are automated, personalized digital solutions for nearly every type of paper or hybrid processes and they can make the difference between a sluggish business and one that is efficient and streamlined.

With today's scanning and imaging technologies and fully paperless solutions, you can get rid of the Mule! 

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