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What's Your Information Strategy?

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Apr 2, 2019 12:18:00 PM


Even in this digital age were we can issue voice commands to our computers and businesses have started using software bots to automate routine tasks,  there are still companies struggling to find the information they need in outdated paper file systems and poorly organized electronic files.  It's to those organizations that we pose this question...

What’s Your Information Strategy?

When we meet with technical and business executives of various organizations, one of the questions we’re frequently asked is, “Do we really need to put together an information strategy for our business?” 

We usually counter with a question of our own, “Do you want to be able to find specific pieces of important of information later?” 

Of course, the answer to both questions is a resounding, “Yes!”

Let’s face it, the information that organizations accrue in the process of performing their day-to-day business is one of their greatest assets.  So, a plan of action for preserving, protecting and managing that vital information is absolutely necessary if they want to ensure future continuity and success. 

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How CEOs Improve Core Business through Technology and Innovation

Posted by Michael Coppola on Nov 16, 2016 5:26:02 PM

How CEOs  Improve Core Business through Technology and Innovation

Running a business is more complex today than it’s ever been.  Issues like regulation, the rapid development of technology, market disruptions, and finding the right talent at the right time have been concerns for some time. 

Add to that economic concerns, regional and national differences, and the changes that the Internet continues to bring to the way business is conducted, and CEOs have their hands full.  If businesses are to succeed, CEOs need to make use of the enormous amounts of data that are available, while at the same time securing their business data and other assets.   

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