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HR Challenges, HR Solutions and Records Management

Posted by Diane Mitol on Oct 17, 2018 3:57:00 PM

HR Challenges, HR Solutions and Records Management


Managing employees requires skill -- managing employee records requires time.


Employee record keeping is one of the most cumbersome processes in your organization – especially if you’re trying to maintain all of your employee records in paper form.  Even small businesses are required to comply with Federal, state and local requirements for maintaining personnel records, which means a lot of paper.  

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Document Management vs Records Management vs Content Management

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Aug 29, 2018 10:42:00 AM

Document Management vs Records Management vs Content Management

This is an update of an article published by Paper Alternative in February, 2017.  It's also the most popular post we've ever published.  Apparently a lot of people are confused about the various terms that are used – document management, records management and content management.

When you need a better way to organize and manage essential business information, we invite you to refer to this article.  You need to know what each of these is before you can decide which of them you need. Bookmark this article for future reference.

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Energize Your HR Department with ECM

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jul 10, 2017 4:37:22 PM

Energize Your HR Department with ECM

HR problems getting you down? The HR team deals with all kinds of issues -- from finding, hiring and retaining qualified workers to training, compliance, benefits management and more. The key to resolving these issues is easy access to relevant data.  But there's so much data!

HR Data and Report Requirements

One company that we know lists 24 different bits of information that should be maintained in personnel files -- employee data, service records, hiring and firing data, training information, requests for physical accommodation and more.  Each item has its own retention requirement and relevant compliance law, such as the Social Security Act, FLSA, the Equal Pay Act, ADEA and ERISA.

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HR Tip: What to Do when Employee Files Drag You Down

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Oct 27, 2016 4:11:56 PM

HR Tip: What to Do when Employee Files Drag You Down

For decades, companies have managed employee files, accounting documents and other important information on paper. Often, even when companies grow and the number of locations expand, they continue to maintain paper files. 

This means that invoices, purchase orders, expense reports and bank statements end up being faxed or shipped to the main office, or handle hodge-podge from one location to another.  Oftentimes records are stored in multiple locations.  One firm we know even had paper files stored in an old attic and in several large shipping containers!

In cases like this, document retrieval slows processes for many different departments and affects the work of various office managers and executives, who frequently needed access to paper files.  Thus, companies like these can expect to lose as much as 32 hours in profit-producing productivity each week. 

When archived paperwork is out of control,

the amount of labor needed to go through it is incredible.

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