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Why Even Small Businesses Need Business Process Improvement

Posted by Mike Paperalt on May 15, 2019 8:12:00 AM

Why Even Small Businesses Need Business Process Improvement | 2 Minute Read

Is your small business missing out on opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency?  Since there are  more sole proprietors and pass-through companies than there are corporations in the United States, this is an important question. 

Small business owners wear a lot of hats -- they're constantly busy and nearly always mindful of expenses.  These may be  important reasons why they often postpone implementing new technologies that could help them serve more customers better at lower costs.  At the end of the day, it takes a lot of time and energy to implement solutions when old methods still work.

In a recent survey, a little more than 37 percent said they're not adopting any new technology because they don't need anything else, and more than 22 percent said it's simply easier to do things the way they're currently done than to invest in new technology. Additionally, nearly 19 percent said that, when it comes to adding more tech into daily business, "the hassle of buying and implementing it isn't worth it."

It's generally thought that price and lack of tech support are the two primary barriers to tech adoption among the small business set. Yet, according to IDC, 62% of businesses believe slow, manual processes are limiting their revenue.  So, while small businesses are particularly prone to retaining old systems in the mistaken belief that it's too costly to upgrade and improve, this very prudence may be preventing their companies from growing. 

We've found that Business Process Management (BPM), which was once considered a luxury that only large organizations could afford, is now considered a critical part of business operations -- regardless of business size.  In fact, BPM may be even more important for small to medium size organizations if they want to stay competitive. 

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How to Maximize Your Business Efficiency (and Improve Your Profits)

Posted by Diane Mitol on Dec 27, 2018 3:30:00 PM

How to Maximize Your Business Efficiency (and Improve Your Profits)

If you’re like most business owners, your focus is probably on bringing in revenue.  After all, revenue is the life-blood of your company.  The more revenue coming in – the more profits your company will show, and that’s a good thing.  

But it takes more than an eye to revenue to succeed.  Even if you bring in very high revenues, if the revenues come with high expenditures attached, you’ll find that your business is not sustainable over the long haul.  Remember that PROFIT = REVENUE – EXPENSES.  This means that there are two ways to enhance profits:  (1) increase revenue in cost effective ways; and, (2) decrease expenses.

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Go Beyond Document Management to Business Process Management

Posted by Diane Mitol on Nov 6, 2018 11:05:00 AM

Go Beyond Document Management to Business Processes Management

Many paper-based processes, while at their core essential to a business’s operation, can be improved when transformed into digital processes.  That’s why it’s important to go beyond your old document management system (or outdated paper system), and look at your business processes to see how they can be better managed using today's AI and automation technologies.  The benefits are amazing!

Document management, whether digital or paper-based, refers to the organization and storage of documents,  in a predetermined system that enables users to find, share and edit documents. Electronic document management systems commonly provide storage, versioning, metadata, security, indexing and retrieval capabilities.  Paper document management systems commonly provide...file cabinets.  

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How to Improve Business Processes

Posted by Michael Coppola on Oct 11, 2018 4:11:00 PM

How to Improve Business Processes

If you're a business owner who has decided that it's time for your business to "become more productive," then we have news for you.  It's going to take a lot more than wishful thinking to turn your business into a productivity machine.  

Let's look at what increase productivity really means.  Increased productivity is a broad term meaning that your employees and your departments are putting out more "products" more quickly (and hopefully at lower costs, so the bottom line improves). It doesn't matter whether the "products" are widgets produced on a manufacturing line or financial reports from your accounting department.  Every employee, every department has a mandate to produce.

A desire to increase productivity and reduce costs is a great place to start, but without an end goal and a concrete plan, that's all it is -- just a desire.  It's rather like saying "I'm going to lose weight -- or exercise more.  Without a specific goal and a workable plan to get there it's not going to happen. 

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How to Use Cloud Solutions to Accelerate BPI

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jul 30, 2018 4:03:07 PM

How to Use Cloud Solutions to Accelerate BPI

In the twelve years since the “Cloud” became part of our everyday language, cloud solutions have influenced organizations to consider how best to use information and technology to improve business processes.  As businesses become more driven by information and cloud technology, those that are still using paper-based processes, will lag further and further behind.

For nearly every business, too much paper-based information can be costly, in terms of lost business opportunities, costly errors, dissatisfied employees and customers.  Therefore, organizational leaders should plan for cloud services that are made up of technologies and applications that work together to secure & distribute information, improve processes, accelerate workflow and reduce costs.

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BPA:  Automating Manual Processes

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jul 18, 2018 3:03:56 PM

“As companies seek to do more with fewer resources, technology investments can be a valuable way to make existing staff more productive.”

– Rebecca Wetteman, Vice President, Nucleus Research

BPA: Automating Manual Processes

Just how much would your business grow if you could help customers with process automation? Business Process Automation (BPA) is the umbrella term for software applications that help organizations streamline business processes. BPA leverages imaging and workflow applications, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) to automate manual tasks. RPA utilizes software robots to do standard routine tasks and IA leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to handle more complex tasks. Curious what these terms mean and how they apply to the technology you sell? Read on as we dive into detail.

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5 Trends that Drive Document Scanning Services

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jul 2, 2018 4:06:00 AM

5 Trends that Still Drive Document Scanning Services

This is an updated article.  Document Scanning Services are just as crucial to business organizations today as they were in 2014 when this article was first published.  But things have changed!

Today, businesses recognize the costs and inefficiencies associated with paper documents.  In 2014, they were still coming to terms with the facts.  Today's customers are more sophisticated.  They realize that maximizing the costs of document scanning means improving business processes at the same time.   

Today, business process improvement solutions are every bit as important as expert scanning services, and award-winning document management companies offer the best of both.    How does this change affect our trends?

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BPI Challenges (and Solutions)

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jan 29, 2018 5:11:03 PM

BPI Challenges (and Solutions)

For many companies, approaching BPI is a bit like the parable of the blind men and the elephant.  Essentially, the parable states that the way you perceive a situation is based upon your viewpoint. 

This is particularly apropos when observing the internal workings (business processes) of any organization.  Your viewpoint depends upon the department in which you work and the tasks which you perform.  Management’s viewpoint is different from employees’. 

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How to Improve Your Business Processes

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jan 22, 2018 5:45:18 PM

How to Improve Your Business Processes

Before we start on the how of business process improvement, let’s look at the why

Changes in technology, business goals, workforce, markets and customers’ needs require organizations to continuously look for ways to improve and simplify internal processes. Organizations that regularly review their business processes maintain a faster level of response to market changes, economic changes and customer preferences.   By improving your company’s ability to respond to changing or unexpected events your company is in a far better position to weather unexpected storms and to take advantage of unanticipated windfalls.

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How to Build a Better Business

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Nov 15, 2017 5:27:57 PM

How to Build a Better Business

Is your business running well? If so … congratulations! You may be inclined to let your business continue to run as it is right now, and hope that success and growth will continue. 

However, it’s when things are going well that is the best time to step back and assess your business performance.  Are all your processes efficient?  Are all your employees being used effectively?  Will you continue to grow and profit?  Are there areas that need improvement? 

There are a variety of growth options for every business, and it’s important that you take stock of where you are and ensure that you have a viable path forward.

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