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Stop Inbound Transactional Content Bottlenecks!

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Dec 2, 2019 3:32:00 PM


You may have little or no choice when it comes to facing the morning traffic bottleneck on your way to work.  But when it comes to transactional bottlenecks in your organization you can do something!  Here are some helpful definitions:

A business transaction is an activity or event that can be measured in terms of money and which affects the financial position or operations of the business entity. A business transaction has an effect on any of the accounting elements – assets, liabilities, capital, income, and expense.

Business transactions are generated via documents that contain vital content regarding the transaction. Transactional bottlenecks occur when inefficient processes create points of congestion because documents are not processed quickly enough.


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How Streamlined Business Processes Can Drive Growth

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Aug 7, 2017 5:49:08 PM

How Streamlined Business Process Can Drive Growth

We're a small business, so we know how important growth can be. We've just had a huge uptick in growth, due in part to a good business plan, smart marketing, and a little bit of luck.  One thing we can tell you is that, while growth is a good thing, it'a not sustainable without a plan for managing the growth.  And it takes some expertise!

Good thing we're in the business of business process automation and document management! There's no better way to handle and encourage growth.  Fortunately, we were set up from the beginning to handle growth; we knew ahead of time the importance a framework for process automation and document management.  Even so, rapid growth has resulted in the need for rapid change in internal processes,  Fortunately, with an ImageSilo® platform already in place, we were ready.

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