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The Cost of Doing Business at the Speed of Paper

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Apr 11, 2017 2:51:29 PM

The Cost of Doing Business at the Speed of Paper

Doing business at the speed of paper is outdated and costly.

According to IDC, 62% of businesses believe that slow manual paper-based processes limit their revenue potential.  This means that Business Process Management (BPM), once seen as something nice to have, is now considered a critical part of business operations.

Unfortunately, many organizations think that the answer is to get rid of paper by scanning documents and storing the digital files in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.  Certainly, elimination of paper documents is as big part of better business processes.  But, it’s only a part!

Integrating BPM or workflow with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system dramatically improves the flow of informationPaper-processes-slow-as-a-snail.jpg

It’s “In-process”

According to a recent AIIM survey, 58% of respondents said that “stuck-in-process” was the biggest operational problem they face.

How many times have you had to tell a customer that the paperwork was “in-process” with no real idea just where in the process it was, or when it would be done? 

How long does it take you to track paperwork when your boss wants to know the exact status of a project?

How often does the “process” take too long?

Speed Up Processes

What if your organization had a solution that would speed up business processes? What if this solution saved valuable time and money?  If your business is still using slow manual activities to move documents through processes -- such as obtaining physical approvals and signatures, processing forms, or transmitting mail -- then it’s time for you to look at BPM solutions.

Maybe your organization is reluctant to get on board with a BPM system, because they simply don’t understand what it is.

What is BPM?

BPM is a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient, and more adaptable to change.  In other words, BPM helps you do more work, better and faster.

BPM actually means two different things:

  • The methodology -- which requires reviewing a company’s processes
  • The BPM software – the “platform” that makes the automation happen

When combined, these two facets of BPM become a powerful business tool that you can use to increase productivity while saving your organization money.   

Become a BPM Hero

We often provide educational presentations or webinars to help educate companies about the benefits automation can bring to their document processes.  Once they understand what automation can mean to them, they realize that what all BPM Heroes know:

  • Eliminate paper
  • Ensure that documents that are born digital, remain
  • Digital documents bring greater value to the organization when it comes to managing and processing information
  • Implementing process improvements along with BPM automation software is essential to business success
  • The more paper that is eliminated from processes, the greater the need for efficient, effective, and secure workflows.

Start today to be a BPM Hero by clicking the button below:

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