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The Best Office Technology is Green, Efficient and Saves $

Posted by Mike Paperalt on May 24, 2017 7:17:48 PM

The Best Office Technology is Green, Efficient and Saves $

While 60% of company owners who were surveyed said that they would approve of their companies being more environmentally conscious, they also said that they don’t want to adopt expensive technologies, costly procedures or efficiency-hampering processes to protect the environment. 

When these same executives were asked if they would focus on environmental protection if they could also save money and make their companies more efficient, the were nearly unanimous in saying “yes.” 

The good news is that there are steps that nearly every organization can take to make a three-point difference in their business and the lives of their employees and customers: (1) Be more economical; (2) Care for the environment; (3) Be efficient.  Here are the steps that make the difference:


Step 1:  Reduce Paper

Paper reduction can be powerful because:

  • The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper yearly
  • It takes one fully-grown tree to make 8,333.3 sheets.
  • There are 54,835,900 office workers in the U.S.
  • Paper-based processes cost 31% more (not counting labor) than the actual cost of the paper.

Don’t underestimate the power of paper reduction.  Millions of trees and millions of dollars can be saved annually. 

Step 2:  Go Electronic

  • Route memos and newsletters that employees should see, but do not need to keep.
  • Use collaboration features in software to edit and make comments on documents.
  • Send information electronically.
  • Switch to a SaaS/Cloud system (like ImageSilo) that enables you to store, access and collaborate online 24/7.

Step 3:  Use Electronic Workflows

  • Transition away from paper-based processes
  • Manage information, people and processes by implementing workflow systems that automate your standard business practices.
  • Eliminate unnecessary forms. If forms are still needed consider making them electronic and automating their processing.

Green Offices Make a Difference

Green Offices are one of the hottest corporate trends in America today.  The driving force within corporations is the simple fact that green technologies are effective at cutting operating costs.  

But, there is another reason that corporations need to pay attention to:  Millennials are Green!

Pew Research on millennials in adulthood indicates that while less than a third of millennials identify as outright environmentalists, they’re the most "sustainable" generation to date. Young adults are:

  • More likely to support strict environmental policies and regulations
  • 80% prefer to work for sustainable employers
  • Choose sustainable transportation options when possible
  • Will pay more for eco-friendly products

Regardless of how millennials perceive the label of “environmentalist,” it’s clear that many members of this age group behave in ways that are clearly sustainable. This includes considering a product’s potential environmental impact when making purchase decisions and forming loyalties. 

It’s been shown that becoming an efficient green company boosts corporate sales.   Trends toward green efficiency are likely to increase as more Millennials step into the roles of consumers and business leaders. 

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