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Take Charge of Your Organization's Documents

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Dec 8, 2016 6:01:54 PM

Take Charge of Your Organization’s Documents

Information management can be a challenge!  Unfortunately, for many organizations, vital information comes in many different formats and resides in many different informational silos:  Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, Client Records, etc.  It’s virtually impossible to cross-reference, observe patterns or control the data.

Moreover, many organizations don’t plan when it comes to managing this data, but rather act reactively when information needs to be gathered or analyzed.   This ad hoc methodology results in duplication of effort, lack of specific standards and the adoption of solutions that can’t “talk to one another.” 

While the overall goal of any Document Management solution is to better control data, unless an organization approaches the problem holistically, they are likely to be to take unnecessary risks, run into increased costs and miss opportunities to cultivate their data to add business value.globalisation-1756123_640.jpg

Document Management is Really Information Management

The term “document management” puts a focus on the paper or digital documents, and is often viewed as nothing more than a glorified filing system.  But, viewed in its broader sense – information management – we’re really talking about far more than bits of paper or bits and bytes of digital data. 

Information management is a critical process that encompasses:

  • Structure – rather than departmental silos of disparate information, information management considers business systems, business processes, tasks, and knowledge. By structuring around the work, rather than the documents, information management moves into the realm of business process management (BPM).
  • Process Management and Workflow --In a traditional organization, workflow is generally undefined or sometimes defined solely through department activity or IT architecture.  When all available information flows into specific standardized workflows through employee-defined processes, the organization leverages not only the information, but also the human assets that can contribute far more value than usually seen.  This, in turn, leads to accountability.
  • Accountability -- When information, processes and workflow converge in a systematic way, the top-down hierarchical structure can be flattened. This results in fewer layers of responsibility that are defined by the business owner, system owner and process owner.  Responsibility is clearly defined, overhead can be reduced and errors nearly eliminated.
  • Silo Elimination -- In a traditional organization, with traditional document filing practices, each department exists in its own silo. These artificial boundaries create barriers the inhibit sharing of data, increasing costs, duplicating efforts, and frequently, not meeting customer needs.  Managing organizational information as a whole, rather than department by department adds efficiency and reduces costs. 
  • Knowledge Consolidation – Departmental knowledge usually stays within the department. Through information management and BPM, departmental knowledge is documented, shared and distributed; it is transparent and stored at the point of use, but available to authorized users, who can be tracked by log-in, so supervisors know who has accessed every document. 

Information management and BPM also ensure compliance and consistency in strategy across the organization, ensuring a better customer experience. 

Getting it Done

Unfortunately, few organizations have the time or expertise to launch an in-house information management program that serves their needs and that meets the requirements for security,  compliance and scalability that cover today’s needs — and will grow to accommodate whatever the future holds.

That’s why we recommend working with a knowledgeable information management partner and leveraging a proven cloud solution like ImageSilo®. 

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