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Six Features that Make ImageSilo Great

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jan 15, 2018 5:18:58 PM

Six Features that Make ImageSilo® Great 

If you ever wondered why Paper Alternative Solutions settled on ImageSilo® as our go-to-choice for document management, here are six “little” features that make ImageSilo a big success for our customers:


1. Document Security Levels

This is what is used to restrict access to certain documents within a project.

For instance, some companies let their employees see their own documents, or the documents they need for their jobs, but restrict access to everything else.  Departments, such as Resources, have confidential documents (i.e., corrective actions, salary information) that only management-level employees can see.  

ImageSilo lets you set security levels the way you need them.

2. Document Associations

This is used to allow document retrieval across multiple projects. A great feature! 

How does this get used? Here’s an example:  The CFO wants to be find all the documents related to a specific purchase order (PO). Purchasing generated the PO, and stored it in the purchasing project. Most of the other associated documents (delivery tickets, invoices, etc.) are in the accounts payable project.

With ImageSilo, the CFO can simply click an icon, and document associations build result sets from both projects. With ImageSilo, there’s no need to switch between projects, because the you can get the all the reports you need with one search. 

3. Integration Definitions

This is used to allow retrieval of documents stored directly from the user’s line-of-business application (i.e. accounting/ERP solutions).

Many of our AP customers can use a single hot key to retrieve documents from that are related to the invoice in the accounting system.  Would your business benefit from this streamlined, digital AP process?

4. Records Retention

ImageSilo enables creation of customized retention and destruction policies to help you manage your digital files.   

How does this get used? Many regulations require businesses to keep records for a set period, after which they should be destroyed. Deleting documents you no longer need is as important as keeping the ones you do. For instance, do you really need the job application of an employee you didn’t hire in 2005? Or decades-old tax records? Discovery can be brutal, particularly if you’ve kept everything, so destruction is important for maintaining and keeping your files in order.

ImageSilo makes it easy!

5. Message Manager

This lets you organize and retain email.

How does it get used? Finding the email message you actually need when you need it can sometimes be a problem for businesses, and many businesses are required by federal regulations (FRCP) to maintain email archives in a format that is discoverable for the court.

With Message Manager compliance is streamlined, easier and more accurate. 

Some of our Accounts Payable clients use Message Manager to monitor their invoice inbox and have it automatically send all invoice emails directly to their AP projects. This email initiates a workflow to get the invoice moving on its way towards payment.

How would that help your business?

6. Share Document

This lets you share documents inside and outside your organization without having to setup user accounts.

You can use Share Document with other line-of-business (LOB) applications too. For instance, if you have and LOB application with an available field, you can copy and paste the Share Document link into that field–providing instant access to the required documents, so users never have to leave the program they’re in.

How much time do you think this would save your employees when it comes to retrieving information?

Sometimes it really is the “little things” that make the biggest difference for your business.  Learn more with an ImageSilo demo.    


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