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Outsource Your Document Scanning for ECM

Posted by Diane Mitol on Feb 9, 2015 2:59:06 PM

Outsource Your Document Scanning for ECM

You think your company is ready for ECM…

 Your file cabinets are overflowing with paper.  Your network drive contains so many files and so many documents that you’re lucky to find any document you want, let alone the most recent revision of the document.  You’re soooo ready to get rid of your paper files and find a solution for your digital files.Files-Cabinets 

But…you don’t want to have to shut down operations to convert to a new system.  You want a solution that can be implemented quickly, be cost effective and not be disruptive to your operation.  Where do you go from here?

Fortunately there are solutions.  There are Paper Alternatives that can eliminate those messy file cabinets and there are network alternatives that eliminate your digital chaos.  The alternative for paper files is scanned documents.  The alternative for your in-house network servers is a Cloud-based ECM.

Benefits of ECM

No matter what kind of documents you have, the right ECM brings many benefits:

  • Eliminates the drudgery of bulk paper filing and the difficulty of finding what’s been filed
  • Filing flexibility - the same document can be filed under several different references for easy reference no matter how you search for it
  • Integrating paper files and network documents into the Cloud enables you to achieve one consistent and logical filing structure for ALL your documents.
  • Paper and PC-generated files, received from any source can be filed into your Cloud ECM, where they can be viewed or acted upon by any user or users simultaneously via the Internet.  This ability to share documents has several advantages:

o   Inter-departmental issues can be resolved more quickly

o   Customer questions can be answered without having to search through paper documents

o   Reduction in printing and copying documents saves time and money

o   Important documents don’t get mislaid

o   Expensive floor space used for paper storage can be freed up, resulting in large cost savings

Getting Started with Scanning                                                                                        

Turning paper documents into digital format is a labor-intensive process.  It may seem as if running documents through a scanner would be easy, but that’s a small part of the job; document preparation and indexing/data entry can add significantly to the amount of labor required to complete a scanning project.  That’s why we typically recommend outsourced document scanning when you’re doing the kind of large back-file conversion that’s required when you convert to an ECM.   

Most companies find that outsourcing large-scale document scanning projects is generally faster and more affordable than trying to do it in-house.

Once your back-files are converted, you may be able to resort to in-house scanning with desktop scanners if you have just a small, steady stream of paper that will continue to come into your organization.  But, if your forward-scanning needs require indexing and quality assurance of large amounts of paper, then you may want to continue to use the outsource service for all your scanning needs. This will keep your staff focused on your organization’s primary mission and eliminate the need for your investment in scanning equipment.

Scanning and ECM Go Together

Because scanning and content management so consistently go together, a modern scanning service bureau will offer an ECM solution that they can manage for you.  Such a scanning and ECM solution gives you the convenience of dealing with one vendor to provide imaging services, access to documents, organization of content, and workflow for your employees.  This gives your organization an end-to-end structure that enables your employees to access the documents they need to perform their jobs more efficiently.

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