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ImageSilo - The Digital Alternative for Records Management

Posted by Diane Mitol on Aug 13, 2018 4:37:00 PM

ImageSilo - The Digital Alternative for Records Management

For many businesses, records and other types of business information exist in both paper and electronic form.  There may be many different copies of the same document and there may be different versions of a document.  Multiple copies and multiple versions of the same document can make tracking the correct document a complicated affair.  

Additionally, some information can be vital to the entity’s existence an operation, and must be maintained securely. These include records that have legal implications for an organization, such as compliance requirements, contractual commitments, HR records, accounting records and others.  

Finally, in most organizations there are specific workflows required in order to maintain records and process information.  Activities such as legal updates, notices, approvals, invoicing, or a multitude of other activities that require access to the records, along with specific actions taken and tasks required (workflows) by responsible parties. 


For all of these reasons, accurate records management can be a costly challenge for both large and small organizations.  But, there are steps that any organization can take to minimize both the time involved in records management as well as the dollars and cents costs.

A New Approach to Records Management

We at Paper Alternative have found that ImageSilo® provides a cost-effective, secure, on-demand records management system that provides enormous benefits to our clients, and we highly recommend it.  One of the things we really like about ImageSilo is its modular construction, which means that we don’t have to sell a customer more than they need in order for them to get what they want. 

Some clients only want to go paperless; they don’t want workflows; they don’t need legal compliance—they just need a better way to find their documents.  With ImageSilo, we can do that.  We can capture the data on their paper files, and load it into ImageSilo for them.  In short order, they have a paperless office, with access from anywhere, anytime.  Happy customer! 

So happy, and so successful, in fact, that a year later this same customer comes back to us because they need to increase their records storage space and add workflow functionality in order to keep their growing business on track.  Had we provided a system other than ImageSilo, we might find ourselves back to square one, and trying to sell them something new.  But, not with ImageSilo!

ImageSilo is scalable and modular, so it can grow and change as the customer’s needs grow and change.  Unlike older forms of records management, which consisted of records management software which a customer purchased and maintained on in-house servers, ImageSilo is Cloud based.  That means there is no initial purchase of software and hardware, no ongoing IT maintenance required, and when it’s time to grow or upgrade, it happens seamlessly without the internal disruption of “going to a new system.”

This is one of the reasons why Cloud systems like ImageSilo have become the de facto choice for knowledgeable organizations.  One monthly subscription fee covers today’s needs and enables customers to plan for tomorrow’s growth. 

What Sets ImageSilo® Apart

ImageSilo is cloud records management.  This Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) includes with  five layers of security, elaborate backup strategies, multiple redundant systems to mitigate failure, and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Many first-time cloud clients are worried about their documents being “mixed up with other clients’ documents.”  With ImageSilo this is never a concern, because ImageSilo uses a multi-tenant software architecture.   This means that, like an apartment with many tenants, there may be many companies in the Cloud, but only you have the digital “key” to open the door to your digital “apartment.”

Since data breaches and hacking are nearly always in the headlines these days, many clients are also understandably concerned about the security of their data in the Cloud.  Statistics show that data are actually safer in an encrypted, password protected cloud like ImageSilo than when stored as paper in files. 

ImageSilo encrypts data both during transmission and when it’s stored; maintains tight network security that is tested for vulnerabilities and verified for security daily; and, ImageSilo directly manages all security infrastructures – there are not third parties involved – so they have complete control over system monitoring and information access.  Finally there are built-in redundancies, disaster recovery, data restoration capabilities, as well as both physical and technical data protection for all ImageSilo data - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


If you’re shopping for records management software, including HR Records Management and have been hesitant to consider Cloud records management, take a look at Paper Alternative and ImageSilo®. 


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