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How to Use Online Forms to Boost Efficiency

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Mar 14, 2017 5:08:28 PM

How to Use Online Forms to Boost Efficiency

Does your organization use forms to gather information?  Many, if not most do.  Here are some of the forms we run across every day:

  • Employment forms
  • Registration forms
  • Membership forms
  • Intake forms
  • Credit forms
  • Application forms
  • Donation forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Healthcare forms

We bet you can easily add to this list. control-427510_640 (1).png

Collecting information is something that’s necessary for any number of business activities.  And forms are an easy, concise way to collect the data you need in a logical and conforming format.  

The problem comes when it’s time to extract the data from that hand-written paper form.  This Forms Processing can be both time-consuming and error-prone. 

Nine out of ten managers say their productivity hinges on the efficiency of routine work processes, like data retrieval.  So, if customer-facing employees are still trying to decipher someone’s handwriting on a paper form, ask yourself if it’s affecting productivity. 

Most organizations find that if they don’t have solid processes in place for collecting and distributing information, multiple teams can get off track, adversely affecting efficiency, accuracy and costs.   Does your office staff spend hours a week manually entering information into an electronic data management system? If you’re still gathering data via paper forms, faxes, emails, or scanned documents, your answer is undoubtedly yes.

Most organizations also share the challenge of lowering costs, increasing profits and, in general, doing more, with less.  With limited resources and unending demands to produce, it’s critical to boost your efficiency and make the best possible use of your resources. 

One great place to start is with changing from paper forms to online forms.  From motor vehicle departments to college admissions offices; non-profit organizations to legal clinics; logistics organizations to credit bureaus – in other words, for any organization that uses forms to gather information of any kind – online forms save time, reduce errors and improve productivity.

Secrets to Successful Online Forms

It’s all about what you do with the data once you’ve captured it in an online form. See our blog post, Eforms:  How Businesses Stop Paper at its Source for tips on making the transition to online forms. 

What if your forms need to be signed?  You can do that online, also.  Read Enhance Efficiency with Electronic Signatures to learn more. 

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