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How to Use Cloud Solutions to Accelerate BPI

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Jul 30, 2018 4:03:07 PM

How to Use Cloud Solutions to Accelerate BPI

In the twelve years since the “Cloud” became part of our everyday language, cloud solutions have influenced organizations to consider how best to use information and technology to improve business processes.  As businesses become more driven by information and cloud technology, those that are still using paper-based processes, will lag further and further behind.

For nearly every business, too much paper-based information can be costly, in terms of lost business opportunities, costly errors, dissatisfied employees and customers.  Therefore, organizational leaders should plan for cloud services that are made up of technologies and applications that work together to secure & distribute information, improve processes, accelerate workflow and reduce costs.


A good Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that encompasses the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content, data and documents related to organizational processes is a good place to start.   ECM tools and strategies begin a paperless workflow process that allows the management of an organization's structured and unstructured information, wherever (and in whatever form) that information exists.

Paper Alternative Solutions (PAS) and ImageSilo® -- A Winning Combination for BPI

Companies like Paper Alternative and ImageSilo are experts in their field.  When their talents and technical capabilities are combined, the sum of the two brings greater benefit to their customers.  When it comes to ECM and BPI, they know what they’re doing!

These four three steps can get you started:

  • Identify the most costly, inefficient paper-based processes in your organization
  • Document the internal processes that will be affected by moving to a paperless cloud environment.
  • Identify the departments and employees that will be affected
  • Digitize paper files, upload to the cloud and map workflows

By systematically combining these four steps PAS helps organizations to systematically target desired business outcomes — for example, cost-efficiencies, operational efficiencies and agility -- while ImageSilo technology ensures cloud computing success.

Don’t Let the Cost of Paper-based Information Slow Your Organization Down!

One source says that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.  Ten thousand (10,000) sheets equals about two (2) cases of paper per employee. With an average price of $40 per case of copy paper, that’s $80 per year per employee in paper costs.  How many employees do you have?  You can calculate for yourself what your costs are in copy paper alone.

Cost of Labor Associated with Paper-based Information

  • The average organization spends about $20 in labor to file each paper document.  I
  • It takes eighteen (18) minutes on average to search for a document. 
  • It costs $120 in labor to search for each misfiled document.
  • Large organizations lose a document every 12 seconds.
  • It costs $220 to recreate each lost document.

The Perils of Unstructured Electronic Data

In addition to paper files, most businesses also have electronic files.  Some electronic files may be stored on the company’s main server.  Other files may live on employees’ workstations or laptops.  Revision control is generally non-existent.  An often-cited statistic states that 80% of electronic business data is unstructured, lurking in word processing documents, spread sheets, PowerPoint files, audio, video, sensor and log data, or external data such as social media feeds.  The point is that most of the electronic business information in use today does not reside in a relational database, making it nearly as difficult to locate a specific electronic file as it is to locate a lost paper file. 

This is where companies like Paper Alternative and technologies like ImageSilo excel!

Bottom Line

The decision to reduce paper files, analyze unstructured data and augment cloud technologies for the improvement of Business Process Improvement cannot be driven by an in-house IT department or technology availability alone. Paper Alternative helps customers achieve a clear business process vision and provides the skill set to make the data management and workflow match the business process requirement, while ImageSilo offers the technology structure upon which the vision can be supported, augmented and scaled as the business grows.

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