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How to Do More with SharePoint®

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Aug 11, 2016 2:37:10 PM

How to Do More with SharePoint®

SharePoint is a general purpose platform that connects people with information, but it doesn't natively include sophisticated ECM functionality or simple ways to import paper documents into the system.

That's where a knowledgeable document imaging company and best-practices ECM technologies can help.  When you expand your SharePoint experience by simplifying document capture, you’ll promote SharePoint adoption in your company, while increasing efficiency, control and cost savings. sharepoint_logo.png

Get these additional benefits from your SharePoint software:

  • Enhance collaboration by managing your paper documents in SharePoint
  • Increase adoption by making it simple to send electronic files to SharePoint
  • Get more sophisticated document management with comprehensive ECM

We recommend ImageSilo® to provide valuable information management capabilities that aren’t available in the SharePoint solution.  Coupled with a document imaging and capture solution, like Paper Alternative provides, integration directly with SharePoint becomes possible.   When looking for solutions that Integrate with SharePoint, it’s important to demand a tightly knit production-capable, distributed information capture solution in order to ensure best value for dollars spent.

Manage Paper Documents in SharePoint with Efficient Document Capture

Despite calls for paperless solutions, in fact, paper usage continues to rise by about 20% every year.  If you have SharePoint, and you're not using it to handle paper documents, you're missing the chance to manage more information collaboratively.  We recommend feeding all your information into SharePoint. Ask us how to make it fast and affordable to integrate paper documents into your SharePoint system by:

  • Converting paper documents to a digital format for storage in SharePoint
  • Upload all your information – fast!
  • Making information easy to retrieve by sending index field information, metadata or keyword search terms to SharePoint
  • Organizing everything by storing your documents in the correct SharePoint library

Get More Value from SharePoint

Many companies are struggling to get their employees to upload electronic files into SharePoint.   Ask us how to increase adoption and include more critical information in your collaborative process.  By integrating SharePoint into employee's daily work environments you can make it easy to capture files stored locally on computers scattered across the office.

As your collaboration and information management needs grow, you can even expand SharePoint with more security and workflow functionality.   By using ImageSilo and integrating it with SharePoint, you can access more sophisticated ECM technology directly within your SharePoint portal.  ImageSilo enables you to:

  • Put more security and tracking features behind SharePoint by storing documents in the ECM system
  • Simplify the user experience easy integration­ employees can work in SharePoint and easily locate and retrieve information stored ImageSilo
  • Easily transfer documents between your ECM and SharePoint systems and delete local copies if needed
  • Increase processing efficiency with workflow live progress reports and alerts showing stalled documents 

Ask us how to find business information you’re currently storing in filing cabinets in your SharePoint libraries instead.  Paper Alternative Solutions offers tools and products that extend the value you’re currently getting from your SharePoint investment.

Ask Us How to Do More with SharePoint


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