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How Paper Alternative and ImageSilo Maximize Enterprise Efficiency

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Oct 31, 2018 4:14:00 PM

How Paper Alternative and ImageSilo® Maximize Enterprise Efficiency

“Enterprise efficiency” may sound like a marketing buzzword designed to sell products, but, according to a Booz, Allen Hamilton (BAH) paper, Effectiveness and Efficiency:  Seven Leadership Practices for Meeting the Mission Challenge in an Era of Declining Budgets:

as budgets constrict, agencies must find ways to sustain or even improve mission effectiveness while also creating short- and long-term efficiencies.”


While this BAH paper was written expressly for Federal Government Agencies, the same principles apply to local government and commercial enterprises as well.  With today’s global market and tight budgets, what business or governmental organization doesn’t need to minimize expense while maximizing impact?   And what better way to do so than by improving efficiency?

Author Peter Schimitzek proposed in his book, The Efficient Enterprise, that in modern business, the availability of up-to-date and secure information is critical to a company's competitive edge and marketing drive. 

Paper Alternative and ImageSilo® believe that the right information technology and knowledge management tools enable an enterprise to sustain a viable economic business model.  This often means making major changes to the way an organization manages their IT and data. 

The BAH paper recommends that enterprises “Be Bold:  Take High Impact Steps.”  Paper Alternative recommends that one such bold, high impact step is making the move from a paper-based information management system to a Cloud-based, digital system.  This move enables any enterprise to securely manage and retrieve information online, while also enabling workflow management and the automation of routine processes. 

ImageSilo®  is the world’s most trusted cloud ECM service.  It, along with Paper Alternative's experience in process improvement, enables organizations to improve business efficiency, and helps even the most complex enterprise gain control of sensitive records and processes.  HR Records Management and Accounting Processes are just two of the areas where this technology and expertise can have a huge impact.  ECM and workflow automation save money by reducing IT needs and enabling employees to focus on core business rather than routine processes.  

Some organizations find that a cloud-based data management system like ImageSilo® can increase productivity nearly 100-fold by enabling employees to access information necessary to their jobs in near-real time, while automating routine procsses.  At the same time an enterprise-wide reporting structure and audit trails improve management efficiency with the ability to follow every document and maintain control.

BAH advises that organizations often have to “Spend Money to Make Money.”  While Cloud-based information management is more cost effective than the storage and management of paper files, many CAOs balk at the upfront cost of paper scanning. 

Paper Alternative CEO, Michael Coppola says that this is usually a “short-sighted knee-jerk reaction.  Once the CAO understands the benefits, efficiencies and long-term cost effectiveness that a paperless system brings to an organization, it’s nearly always a no-brainer to move forward, especially when we show them how the transition can be done in stages and the implementation of ImageSilo® can be done modularly.  That ImageSilo® is scalable is a huge benefit as well.”

Which brings us back to the BHA paper...”Executives need information and facts in order to make objective, clear-eyed decisions about how best to allocate resources…Leaders are defined more buy what they do than who they are.  It is the actions they take that determine success.”

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