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How  Government Agencies Improve  Workflow

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Oct 24, 2017 3:29:04 PM

How Government Agencies  Improve Workflow

Government and paperwork are virtually synonymous.  From tax forms to motor vehicle registration; court documents to school enrollments; business licenses to grants – dealing with a local government agency invariably results in paperwork.  If you’re a citizen, the paperwork is a hassle; for the government agency, paperwork is a cumbersome fact of life.

Regardless of the size of an agency, there are thousands of documents to handle, process, file and keep track of.  But this paper-based bureaucracy is changing…

In today’s political climate, many jurisdictions want to keep taxes low and implement cost-saving budgets, while still maintaining government services.  This calls for creative solutions to improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce paperwork. 

Paperless business workflow management is a powerful tool that can help your agency lower costs and improve efficiency ini 2018. 



Going Paperless Streamlines Operations and Cuts Costs

Government agencies often face unique challenges when going paperless:

  • Security, compliance, privacy and restricted access, must be in maintained, while overall efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ability to provide better service must be improved.
  • The overwhelming amount of existing paper documentation within each agency must be considered and determination made regarding how it will be incorporated into a paperless system.
  • Typical government bidding requirements may make it more difficult to compare paperless systems if specifications are not clear.

Nonetheless, when agencies carefully consider their needs, take time to review available options, and get expert input, electronic document management (EDM) has been proven to improve processes, enabling better service. Going paperless significantly lowers expenses – which can be crucial to any agency that is dealing with budget constraints.

Another benefit that is particularly relevant to government agencies is the greater transparency that EDM can provide, both internally to staff and elected officials, and externally to the citizens the agency serves.

Integration and Improved Workflow

Ultra-secure Cloud Document Management Solutions, such as ImageSilo® offer a simple web browser interface for ease of use, coupled with uncompromised security that keeps your data invisible, making it a perfect solution for government agencies.  Integration with existing systems is easy. 

Improved workflow means that:

  • Tasks are easier, less prone to error
  • You can identify process inefficiencies and reduce bottlenecks, so more work gets done.
  • You can integrate email quickly into business practices using email and attachments to initiate and speed workflow process.
  • You have tight control over incoming mail and the documents your agency receives.

Automated Workflow Improves Service

  • Decreased document processing means your agency provides services more quickly.
  • You respond to requests quickly with prioritized work queues and time-sensitive alerts.
  • You can provide instant answers by electronically viewing the status of a request from your desktop.

Automated document routing eliminates/reduces:

  • The space that paper takes up.
  • Potential loss or damage to paper. 
  • Difficulties and costs associated with transmitting, tracking and overseeing paper-based work.
  • Environmental damage caused by paper usage
  • Misplaced/lost documents and overlooked tasks.


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