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How Effective is Your Organization?

Posted by Michael Coppola on Dec 17, 2015 4:53:52 PM
Michael Coppola

How Effective is Your Organization? 

Regardless of what kind of business you have, if your company is not effective at whatever it does, it’s not going to succeed over the long-term.  Even companies that have achieved some degree of long-term success must have a steady flow of fresh ideas, new technology and new ways of doing things if they are to stay relevant.

This is particularly true in today’s rapidly changing world.  Widespread use of mobile devices and powerful computing technologies have resulted in a shift in the way companies and organizations of all sizes and all types do business.  Scalable cloud computing has become the great equalizer, enabling small business to compete in equal measure with large business by providing greater speed, flexibility and geographic coverage than ever before.  In fact, by most accounts, cloud-based processes are becoming the new normal among all businesses.86531160.jpg

Going from Performance to “High-performance”

‘Performance’ and ‘high-performance’ are relative terms.  Whether your organization defines performance as the number of sales closed, the number of widgets produced, or the number of documents processed, moving from just performing to outstanding performance takes discipline, analysis and change.  So, how do you get from where you are to where you want to be? 

Here are seven concepts your organization must have:

  1. Leadership
  2. People-focused management
  3. Well-designed processes
  4. Financial stability
  5. Willingness to learn
  6. Internal reporting
  7. External evaluation of effectiveness.

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

It’s a sad, but true fact that the upper leadership of a business is often blissfully unaware of the day-to-day problems that their staff and workers face.  While the CEO is focused on the big picture, the workers are busy maintaining and processing the data that makes the company “tick.”  Often these jobs are done with outdated systems, ineffective technology and little review of the processes required to complete the tasks. 

People-focused management can bring this to light in two ways: (1) by gauging customer satisfaction; (2) by requesting input from the workers who do the work.  Customers and front-line employees often have insights to your organization’s performance that upper level management lacks.  Empowering these people to share their insights with a receptive management team usually results in re-vamping of processes for improved performance, resulting in more efficient workers and happier customers. 

Well-designed processes can be made even more efficient with cloud technology.  The power of shared computing, readily accessible information, and automated workflows can go a long way to enhancing a company’s financial stability, as can the lower capital expenditures, pay-as-you go scalable resources that are incumbent in the cloud. 

Willingness to learn is enhanced in a corporate culture that is forward thinking and open to new technologies; and this willingness to learn extends throughout the organization to make it stronger and better able to stand up to the competition. 

Internal reporting, a feature in most process-based information-managing cloud applications can be nearly real-time, so that trends are spotted early.  Facts can be extracted from unstructured data, a feat previously not possible in paper-based systems, ensuring that all information is taken into account when important decisions must be made.

Finally, external evaluation of effectiveness is both the starting point for moving from performance to high-performance and a cost-effective way to ensure continuous improvement once cloud technology is adopted.

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