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How BPM Helps Your Business

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Apr 27, 2017 4:28:34 PM

How BPM Helps Your Business

You keep hearing all the buzz about BPM -- Business Process Management -- but, you don't really "get" how it can make a difference in YOUR organization.  You're not alone.  There are a lot of business owners who are so enmeshed in their day to day activities that they just don't have the time to research BPM.  

So, consider this your "crash course" on Business Process Management.  86531160.jpg

BPM is a tool that enables you to standardize and control your business processes for greater efficiency.  

What is a business process?

  • Business processes occur in every department of your organization.
  • A process is a series of events or tasks leading to a specific end.
  • A specific input starts the process, which ends when the desire outcome is achieved. If you can't describe the process, you don't know what you're doing. 
  • Defined processes allow us to control our business environment and predict outcomes.
Here is an example of a simple A/P process:
  • An invoice arrives in the mail
  • The invoice is hand-delivered to the A/P department
  • The A/P department verifies the invoice
    • compares it to PO
    • gets required signatures for approval
    • schedules for payment
  • A check is cut
  • The invoice and a copy of check are filed
  • The check is mailed
  • The check clears/the bank account is reconciled

The Problem with Manual Processes

  • At any time and any place in a manual process an error can occur
  • Errors adversely affect the output
  • In the A/P example above, an error could affect your credit rating, and your vendor relationship
  • Ultimately, too many errors, could affect the way you serve your customers
  • When the output adversley affects a customer, social media ensures that the world will know!

Processes Matter

  • Processes affect how businesses serve customers
  • Even "back-office" processes - HR, A/P, Finance, IT, affect how you serve customers
  • Processes affect efficiency
  • Processes affect employees
  • Processes affect the bottom-line
  • Processes affect how your organization is seen in the world
  • In a service economy, it's not what you do, it's how  you do it.

BPM helps your business by ensuring that how  you do your business is systematic, error-free, legally compliant, secure, and efficient.  

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