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How a Digital Mailroom Makes Your Company More Efficient

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Sep 17, 2018 4:38:11 PM

How a Digital Mailroom Makes Your Company More Efficient

Your mailroom operation is a vital part of your organization’s critical information flow. Yet, too many businesses rely on outdated, labor intensive and expensive manual processes for internal mail delivery.  This results in misdirected mail, overstuffed in-boxes and conflicts when more than one person needs to see the same piece of information.

But, there is a solution.


Eliminate Paper at its Source

Businesses can gain control and reduce costs by stopping the influx of paper.  A Digital Mailroom automates and accelerates the incoming mail processes.   All incoming business mail is scanned upon receipt and delivered electronically to the appropriate department or process. Usually these documents are “structured,” i.e., forms, orders, invoices, delivery dockets and vouchers.  But, in many in consumer or citizen-facing organizations, these documents will also include hand-written letters, application forms, change of details, supporting certificates, and other “non-structured” data. Circulars, brochures, magazines and junk-mail aren’t scanned.

The core technology of a Digital Mailroom is scan-to-process.  Scan-to-process includes intelligent recognition, extraction, validation and routing of useful data from the document or form, then triggering a workflow to start a specific process.  Scan-to-archive may be part of the operational sequence, but this is incidental to the scan-to-process.

Implementing a Digital Mailroom

It’s important to understand at the outset that a Digital Mailroom is not a mailroom replacement. It is a change in the way you do business.  This means that the project team must include more than just the mailroom facilities staff.  It should also include line-of-business owners, records managers, and the IT department.  And, it will require the necessary time and forethought to ensure that everyone has their say and an opportunity to “buy-in” to the business change. 

Build your dollars and cents business case on the expected improvement to process productivity and the savings in physical storage space. But, also include the less tangible benefit of shared Cloud access to electronically stored documents.  Finally, consider expected improvements to customer service and customer relations because of quick availability of, and action on, inbound correspondence.

Research consistently shows that scan and data capture solutions provide impressive return on investment (ROI), but it is important to select the right capture solution for incoming mail and to successfully implement it. Outsourcing your digital mailroom to an experienced paperless solutions service is an excellent way to ensure that your digital mailroom meets your needs.

How an Outsourced Digital Mailroom Works

Your mail is sent to a Post Office Box and the outsource service picks it up daily.  It is opened, prepped and scanned.  Data is captured and put through a quality control process to ensure its accuracy.  The scanned documents and data are uploaded to your secure Mailroom Cloud and the appropriate workflow for each is triggered.  The appropriate person(s) in your organization are notified that they have documents and a workflow waiting for them.  They can access the data from any internet connection 24/7, complete their part of the process and trigger the workflow to move to the next step. 

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

Specific benefits vary from organization to organization, but in general most will see these benefits:

  • Improved operational efficiency and fewer errors for all forms of inbound communications
  • Increase productivity due to faster processing and routing
  • Accelerated efficiency, security and accuracy in transactional processes like accounts payable, claims and invoice processing
  • Improved customer service and customer relations
  • Better control of capital costs
  • No additional IT requirements
  • Ability to automatically integrate with other office apps via software Bots
  • Scalability

Want to know more about Digital Mailrooms?  Contact Paper Alternative Solutions.


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