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Challenges and Benefits of the Paperless Cloud

Posted by Michael Coppola on Apr 7, 2016 6:00:26 PM
Michael Coppola

Challenges and Benefits of the Paperless Cloud

Those of us who sell paperless cloud solutions and technology for a living sometimes forget how big of a step it can be for many small to medium businesses to move from paper-based systems to cloud-based paperless systems.  While big-business early-adaptors and the technologically savvy may have been “in the cloud” for ages, a lot of smaller organizations are focused simply on ensuring enough profit each year to keep the business going. 

While single-minded focus on core business does usually ensure that the business will thrive in the short term, that kind of hyper-focus may actually prevent a business from growing in the long term.  Companies that want to grow, that want to compete successfully with larger, more technologically advanced organizations in their industry often find that the only way to do so is by keeping up with the latest technology. Imagesilo_cloud_data.png

Facing the Technology Challenge

Change requires adjustment and transformation of the organization and its employees, so whatever technological change you decide to adapt should be one that brings a fast ROI.  In other words…get the most bank for the buck. 

Adopting paperless cloud technology is often overlooked as a way improve the bottom line.  Many small businesses figure that “if it works, there’s no need to fix it,” and, for the most part their paper-based methods do work.  The questions that are not being asked are:

  • If we adopted new technology, could we save time?  How much?  At what cost?
  • Could new technology free resources?  What could we do with those resources?
  • Would our employees be more productive?
  • Would morale improve?
  • Would it improve our bottom line?

About the Bottom Line

Successful small businesses are often very cost conscious.  While cost consciousness probably contributes to their success, failure to take advantage of new technology as a “cost conscious” measure may actually adversely affect the bottom line.  Even when the cost of new technology is factored in,  new technology nearly always increases efficiency which, in turn, reduces operating costs.   According to Gartner: A 5% reduction in operational cost has the same effect on the bottom line as a 30% increase in sales revenue.

Ask any small to medium business whether they think it would be easier to cut 5% from operational costs or increase sales revenue by 30%.  Most will say it would be easier to cut costs. 

The Paperless Cloud Reality

Whether your company adopts cloud technology and paperless workflows – or not – the fact remains that this technology has changed the business paradigm.  Removing paper from the business equation brings a number of positive benefits to nearly every office environment and empowers the paperless organization to reach new levels of success in the cloud. 

Small to medium size companies who move to the cloud tell us they’ve reaped these benefits:

  • Easy exchange of documents and automated workflows
  • Better organization for their business, employees and clients
  • New collaboration opportunities
  • More efficient ways of working, connecting and processing data
  • Lower cost – no more software or equipment upgrades
  • Energy, space, time and money saved
  • Better focus on core business strategy
  • Ability to compete better with larger organizations
  • Better employee morale

They all tell us that the cost and effort associated with going paperless in the cloud is minimal when compared to the benefits they’ve accrued as a result.  Learn more about a paperless cloud by downloading our white paper...

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