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The Problem with HR Files

Benefits of Paperless Accounts Payable Get A/P Employees on Board

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Stop Inbound Transactional Content Bottlenecks!

Why Smart Companies Have Paperless Accounts Payable

How to Get ROI from ECM

How to Process Data-Heavy Documents Fast

What Does the Future of FinTech Look Like?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - What's Your Plan?

6 Ways to Cut Back Office Costs -- Tips from LEAN Manufacturing

Process Improvement and Paperless Technologies

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Lean Processes Improve Your Business's Health

Document Control vs. Document Chaos

Scanning Services -- Why It Pays to Outsource

Bulk Document Scanning:  How to Make Every Image Count

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How ECM & Content Services Drive Business Value

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How People & Processes Work Together for Better Business Outcomes

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Streamline Back-Office Transactions and Save $

5 Easy Steps to Automate Your Accounts Payable & Eliminate Paper

Maximize Your Workflow with Electronic Content Management

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ImageSilo ECM -- Why We Recommend It

Best Technologies to Maximize Business Efficiency

What's Your Information Strategy?

How Efficient is Your Company?  Take this Test

Capture, Manage, Route & Automate Business Information

Extend the Power of EDM with BPA

Document Management is the #1 Required Workplace Technology

Move from EDM to Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

Adopt Digital Technology to Transform Your Organization

Is Your Business Future-Proof?

Electronic Document Management is Strong and Growing

What You Should Know about Document Archival

Afraid of Data Hacking?  10 Reasons Why You Need ImageSilo

Get Started on these Business Practices & Technology for 2019

How to Maximize Your Business Efficiency (and Improve Your Profits)

Document Capture - Paper, Digital, Data

Disaster Recovery: The Cost of Lost Data

Go Beyond Document Management to Business Process Management

How Paper Alternative and ImageSilo Maximize Enterprise Efficiency

Business Process Outsourcing - What, Why and When

HR Challenges, HR Solutions and Records Management

How to Improve Business Processes

Workforce Solutions and BPO

How a Digital Mailroom Makes Your Company More Efficient

Digital Process Automation - What Is It & How To Use It

Why You Shouldn't Scan Documents

Labor Automation 2.0 - Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Document Management vs Records Management vs Content Management

Why Your Small to Mid-Size Business Should Automate

How BPO Companies Aid Corporate Strategies

Robotic Process Automation for Business

ImageSilo - The Digital Alternative for Records Management

How to Use Cloud Solutions to Accelerate BPI

Is Your A/P Department Operating at Its Full Potential?

BPA:  Automating Manual Processes

Top 10 Reasons for Document Scanning (in the new economy)

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Paper Alternative YouTube Channel Rocks!

4 Reasons for June Grads to Take a Customer Service Job

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Improving the Way Organizations Do Business

Choosing a Document Imaging Company

5 Tips for Going Paperless

There's Still Confusion About Paperless Solutions

BPI Challenges (and Solutions)

How to Improve Your Business Processes

Six Features that Make ImageSilo Great

3 Business Resolutions for 2018 that'll Pay Off for Years

How Cloud Document Management Improves Business Processes

Automating Human Resources with HR Process Automation

Why You Must Stop Human Resource Bottlenecks

How to Manage Your Business Processes Better

How to Build a Better Business

BPI: 7 Steps to Improve Your Business

Are Your Business Processes Stuck?  Infographic Offers Solution

Video: How to Get Rid of Paper in Your Business

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When Document Management Isn't Enough--Here's What to Do

When Capturing Data is Like Raking Leaves in the Wind

Why Document Management Is Still Relevant

How to Solve the Business Forms Challenge

Business Process Solutions and Services

Making Sense of Business Process Solutions

Advance Your Organization with Business Process Services

Demand for Business Process Solutions at an All-time High!

Paperless Solutions for  Government Agencies

How to Use Existing Business Resources Better

How to Meet Customer Demands in Seconds, Not Days

The Scanning Service vs BPO Quandary

How Long Does It Take to Find a File?

Why Companies Resist Going Paperless

How Streamlined Business Processes Can Drive Growth

Business Challenge:  Improving Productivity in an Digital World

Paper Alternative on TV:  The Greater Binghamton Business Showcase

9 Questions to Ask Before You Implement Cloud ECM

A Day at the Office...

Energize Your HR Department with ECM

Drive New Value with Digital Transformation

Go Paperless! Watch this Video!

A Lesson from Wall Street About Back Office Paper Work

When Is a Business Like a Mule?

Electronic Signatures, Essential for Paperless Processes

Slow Processes Got You Down?

Got Paper?  Get Scanning!

Manage the Information Explosion in Your Organization

The Best Office Technology is Green, Efficient and Saves $

Get Your Head in the Cloud for BPM!

What Happens When AI Meets BPM?

ClinicTracker EHR Partners with Paper Alternative for Paper to Digital Conversion

Automate Document Routing to Streamline Business Processes

How BPM Helps Your Business

Solving Complicated Business Problems with Automation

The Cost of Doing Business at the Speed of Paper

Increase Efficiency/Cut Costs with BPM

5 Secrets to Efficient Electronic File Management

How to Use Online Forms to Boost Efficiency

For A/P Efficiency, Move to Automation

Why Gartner Redefined ECM and What It Means for You

Getting to the Data (and ROI) with ECM

How to Decide if EDM is Worth the Cost

Simple Ways to Manage Complicated Document Scanning

What's Your Document Scanning Sweet Spot?

What Our Readers Told Us About Document Scanning

Cloud-Based Document Management Optimism for 2017

Infographic:  A/P Automation Saves $$$

Take Charge of Your Organization's Documents

Why Our Clients Use the ImageSilo Cloud to Manage Data

How CEOs Improve Core Business through Technology and Innovation

10 Minutes to Better Back Office Management

HR Tip: What to Do when Employee Files Drag You Down

Why Companies "Go Green"

Paperless Solutions at the NY State MWBE Conference

Why Today's Businesses Need Workflow Automation

How Document Scanning and ImageSilo Boost Efficiency

What's the Big Deal About Paperless Solutions?

How to Manage Thousands of Documents in the Cloud

5-Day Plan for Office Organization

Drive Growth by Reducing Paper, Streamlining Processes

How to Do More with SharePoint®

How ECM Saves Your Company $7.50 for Every Dollar Spent.

Take Our Survey:  How Does Your Company Manage Information?

How Much Time Is Spent on Paperwork in Your Office?

Video:  How Scanning Works

How to Automate Your Business Processes

Put Office Automation to Work for You!

Transform from Paper-Bound Bureaucracy to Paperless Government

Paper Alternative Awarded Woman-Owned Enterprise (WBE) Certification

The Hidden Costs of Paying Invoices

Process Improvement Solutions for Everyday Office Problems

Challenges and Benefits of the Paperless Cloud

Paper Alternative Showcases Artificial Intelligence A/P Solution

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business Bottom Line

Tips for Efficient Invoice Processing

Four Considerations about Cloud ECM

What to Do When Paper Files Overwhelm Your Office

How Effective is Your Organization?

6 Questions CFOs Must Ask if They Want to Survive (And Why The Cloud is Part of the Strategy)

New Way to Process Forms, Invoices FAST!

The Overlooked Data Security Risk

How to Go Paperless

What BPO Companies Can Do for Your Business

EDM and ROI - Is Electronic Document Management a Good Investment?

What's YOUR Excuse for Not Using EDM?

Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Learns about the Cloud

Navigating the Cloud for Content Management

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