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Adopt Digital Technology to Transform Your Organization

Posted by Mike Paperalt on Feb 27, 2019 4:41:03 PM

Adopt Digital Technology to Transform Your Organization

A recent Forrester survey shows technology is considered the key source of finding new value streams.  But, there’s more to tech-driven business innovation than acquiring new digital technology.

Digital transformation within any organization requires a clear strategy that promotes the use of technology to deliver business value. 

Developing such a strategy requires leaders with vision, knowledge and the ability to foster cultural change within an organization. business-3380350_1920


Make Digital Transformation a Priority

Technological changes that not long ago were consider advanced and risky, have now become necessary and normal. Today, customers want to interact with companies digitally.  Employees across all age groups want to work for businesses that are committed to digital progress.

The number one priority for firms globally is investment in emerging technologies to meet strategic goals, drive more value and streamline operations.  This so-called “Digital Reckoning” referred to be Forrester has become more urgent, yet often lacks executive support with an organization, due to feared impacts on costs and revenue.

As a result, Forrester is sizing up this year as the “year when transformation goes pragmatic,” predicting that organizations will avoid enterprise-wide technology changes in favor of more targeted initiatives that are better measured and monitored for results and value.

Target Your Approach

This targeted approach is one that Paper Alternative Solutions has been recommending for years.  Our approach has always been to recommend technologies and solutions that have the biggest impact on process-efficiency and cost-cutting within paper-reliant repetitive-task areas of the organization:  Departments such as Human Resources, Accounting, Accounts Payable, Mail-Room and other Back Office activities. 

While this “step-at-a-time” approach may seem like it would slow digital transformation, in fact, this approach works in just the opposite way.  Once an organization sees the cost-savings, error-reduction, and increased efficiency, they get from one change, they’re eager to start their next digital transformation project in another department. 

Digital transformation is not a one-time event.  It’s an organizational mind set that seeks continuous improvement of processes.

Get Started

If you’re a CEO, department manager, or business owner, before you begin a digital transformation you should review the specifics of your business operations, and the processes that are in place for day-to-day operations.  While this may sound like a huge task, it’s well worth the effort.  Doing a business review at the outset increases the success of the transformation, satisfaction with the technologies you implement, and improves ROI! Include Department Managers as well as IT and Human Resources in this initial review.

Here are ten questions to get your team started on process reviews:

  1. Why is this process in place?
  2. What is the desired outcome?
  3. When is the deadline and are there periodic checkpoints?
  4. How many employees are involved in this process?
  5. Who is responsible or accountable for which tasks or projects?
  6. Are there metrics or some form of measurement associated with this process?
  7. What obstacles or roadblocks prevent the process from flowing smoothly?
  8. What resources (people, time, dollars) are required to complete this process?
  9. How important is this process to our company’s core business?
  10. How can this process be more effective?

For more about information, download our white paper:  Business Leaders' Guide to Digital Transformation.

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